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1st place: Tab Lloyd, Luke's In Back At Luckenbach - 322

2nd place: Robert Bevan, The Alamo Defensive - 166


3rd place: Robert Bevan Jr., Fett's Fireworks - 78

Los Nopales.jpg

Name: Los Nopales

Artist: Martín Antonio Rodríguez

Dimensions: 13.5”x14”

Medium: mixed media, acrylic, spray paint, found objects, recycled wood 

Explanation: The stormtrooper has always been one of my favorite characters in both movies and comics. I combine my work with imagery I have seen growing up here in San Antonio, especially with those that incorporate my Chicano heritage. 

Why Martin created this!
 Star Wars has been one of the most iconic movies I have seen. Wether it be from the original work to the newer work, has been a favorite for many years. Come on light sabers, lasers, robots, what’s not to love. And Texas is the greatest state in these here 50 states; whataburger, bbq, lonestar beer, from the music scene to the texmex food, from the Texas tailgates, to the beautiful state parks.  There’s always so much to do and always so much to  see. 

Lone Star Leia.png

 Name: Lone Star Leia

Artist: Sylvia M. Vardell

 Dimensions: (14 x 14)

Medium(s) used: Digital creation

Explanation: This piece is based on the logo for Lone Star Wars in concept, but then

celebrates Princess Leia, in particular, with her famous dual “cinnamon bun”

hairdo. It is created using words in the Star Jedi font and also features three

visuals of my very own Leia, my Texas-born daughter wearing her Rebel

Legion-approved Leia costume. The colors used (red, blue, white) echo the

Texas flag and the woodgrain background gives it a rustic, Texas country vibe.

Why Sylvia created this!

I’ve loved Star Wars since the movies debuted in 1977. I’ve even attended the

Star Wars Celebration convention for the last 8 years. In fact, our whole family

goes together—including my adult kids and their spouses/partners. It’s

become our favorite family gathering. We all have different costumes (I’m Aunt

Beru or older Leia) and we immerse ourselves in the whole experience. We also

celebrate other Star Wars events like new movie releases, Star Wars Reads Day, May the 4TH

Be With You Day, and more. I’ve lived in Texas since second

grade, got married here, and graduated from UT Austin. Both my kids were

born in Texas and I’ve been a college professor here in TX for most of my

working life. Put that all together, and this mash up of Lone Star + Texas

represents a big part of my identity. People outside of Texas have no idea what

clever and creative Star Wars fans we have here—as this contest reveals.

A State Far, Far Away....jpg

Name: "A State Far, Far Away..."

Artist: J.T. Cervera

Dimensions: 18" x 15"x 1/2" 


Mediums: salvaged fence boards for the background and the Texas cutout. I used old rope to highlight the state of Texas and used glitter for the outer space look on the background. I also used a Mason jar with a decorative chain and a tea light. I used spray paint and cutout used cardboard to make all the stencils.


The artwork uses the colors of Texas with a Star Wars color flare as well as replacing the Star with the Rebel Alliance logo. All on a cutout of the State.

Why J.T. created this!

I dig Star Wars because so many of its teachings, lessons, obstacles, heartbreaks and triumphs resonate so much in the real world and in my life. Same as in the history and creation of this great State of Texas. 

texas rebels.jpg

Name: Texas Rebels

Artist: Rachel King

Dimensions: 8in x 10in

Mediums: Acrylic Paint

Explanation: A rebel logo filled with symbols of Texas in space.

Why Rachel created this!

 I have lived in Texas my whole life and love the state so much. I grew up watching Star Wars TV shows and movies and have always loved Star Wars. My brother and I would constantly watch the show Star Wars The Clone Wars and had almost all of the action figures. Now my family and I go see every new Star Wars movie together and sometimes even dress up.

R2D2 Bluebonnet.jpg

Name: R2D2 Bluebonnet

Artist: Amanda Rios

Dimensions: 11x14 inch

Mediums: acrylic on canvas

Explanation: In regards to Star Wars R2D2can be seen peeking out of the Texas flower, the Bluebonnet.

Why Amanda created this!

 Those movies are classics and helped bring together family nights when there were none before.

· Lightsaber technology is the craziest thing to be concieved back at the time and it still interests me.

· R2D2 and C3PO are the best duo ever, EVER.

· I love that Texas has so much different scenery in a single state.

·  Living along the gulf coast has provided some beautiful views that I think are only to be found here.

· The Star Wars movies are still relevant enough to enjoy with my son and have bonding time with him.

· I also like to use Star Wars references to teach my son life lessons. (relevant in learning to be a good person).

Droid Hustle.jpg

Name: Droid Hustle

Artist: Gabriel Rodriguez

Dimensions: 18" x 24"

Medium: Water colored paper, pencil, ink, white out.

Explanation: Droids running around freely remind me of cattle. I drew a cowboy lassoing them up as it brings the best of both worlds together. 

Why Gabriel created this!

What I love about Star Wars is what it represents and that’s fighting for what you believe in. I love Texas and I love how the people here are passionate about their teams, fandom, even music groups. I love how we can all come together, no matter where we come from and enjoy the culture and love for Star Wars.


Name: “The Alamo Defensive”

Artist: Robert Bevan

Dimensions: 24” x 30”

Medium: Canvas w/ Acrylic paints

Explanation: In the Lone Star state far, far away….

The galactic empire has just procured a valuable stronghold in the

San Antonio region. As Darth Vader and his trusted 501st Legion

mount a defensive stance against Rebels, his fearless Legion pulls

out all the massive fire power they can to dominate the battlefield.

The emperor himself is over seeing the victory in his looming

Texas Death Star charging and ready to fire, while swarms of Tie

fighters rain down along with an AT-AT and AT-ST assisting Lord

Vader in the surmounting victory over the Rebels. PEW…PEW…


Why Robert created this!

I love Star Wars because it has made such a huge impact in my life. As far as watching it as a kid to now

sharing with my kids and soon my two Grandsons. Not only sharing it with my family but no matter what is

going on with people you always have something in common with others just like us. We all love Star

Wars! I love Texas because I live here and I have many great memories throughout the years I have lived


fett's fireworks.jpg

Name:“Fett’s Fireworks”

Artist: Robert Bevan Jr.

Dimensions: 16” x 20”

Medium: Canvas w/ Acrylic paints

Explanation: Boba usually can decipher between business and pleasure, but

landing in Austin must have disrupted his neuro-sensors in his

helmet. While using his booster pack to stay out of the Colorado

river like it’s the Sarlacc pit, Fett launches a festive Texas sized

flag firework over Austin to give off that true Texan vibe from a

galaxy far, far away.

Why Robert Jr. created this!

I love Star Wars because its been the central hub of all my nerd activities. It has also shown me a lot about

the person I am, not caring if people think of me as a weird kid or not. I love Texas as well because despite

the heat I have met people here that have a significant place in my heart and family.

May The Beer Be With You.jpg

Name: "May the Beer be with you"

Artist: Yesenia Malagon

Dimensions: 36" X 24" X 3/4"

Medium: 3/4 plywood, 1.25" nails, acrylic paint (color:pavement with white for the stars), thin embroidery thread such as white, bright blue, black, gold and red.

Explanation: Combined the droid R2D2 with a can of Lone Star Beer can since they both have similar shape bodies and they are both engaging in there own way ;) 

Why Yesenia created this!

Born and raised here in the great state of Texas. Of course there are other beautiful landscapes but I'm suffice with my little patch here that I've made! My admiration for Star Wars just keeps growing with the depth of the story that Star Wars has and the range it reaches to for others to enjoy. 

Luke In Back.jpg

Name: Luke’s in Back at Luckenbach

Artist: Tab Lloyd

Dimensions: 36" X 24" X 1" 

Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas

Description: “Everybody’s Somebody in Luckenbach.” That’s what they say about the best little dance hall in Texas. When your favorite folks show up, well, that’s just one big party waiting to happen. Sit back, relax, and listen to Max Reebo’s band and watch the lovebirds do a little two-steppin’ with Brother Luke’s approval from the back. 

In the famous words of Jerry Jeff Skywalker: There's a place I know where we all go,

A little way down the road,

It’s far, far away, we like to drink all day

Play sabacc and tell jokes.

We've been stopping by since ‘77. 1900, I mean

Ain't nothing fancy, just the Skywalker family and

Bespin shirts and jeans!

Lots of colorful faces, little Jawas running around,

Everybody's somebody in an old hill country town!

Wookies humming, see the stickle burrs on your sock,

Sure signs you spent some time in beautiful Luckenbach!

Why Tab created this!

Well, I was born and raised in Texas and found Star Wars as soon as I could! Now that I'm a grown-up, I have written a book on Texas (Free Texas: Free Things to See and Do in the Lone Star State), I teach Texas History to 7th graders and I am the school sponsor for Geek Club. Star Wars ties folks together, and Texas is a place that brings folks together. It's like one big, happy family. Until the fighting breaks out.

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