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The Purpose

Winners of the 2017 competition:

Robert Bevan (left) and Tab Lloyd (right)

The purpose of Lone Star Wars is passion. Passion for the state of Texas. Passion for the greatest cinematic story line ever made. Passion for creativity. The adoration received by onlookers for art is something every artist needs to experience, no matter how old they are or level of expertise they have.  For a majority of artists out there, we are held back from pursuing what we love because of obstacles.  Obstacles ranging from believing in yourself to simply just getting your foot in the door.  

This was an opportunity for everyone to push past the hurdles in their way and become a known artist across Texas.  As adults we get distracted by our everyday duties and put our desire to create on the back burner.  Excuses are made and we forget about our talents.  Rejuvenate your artistic spirit and make it more than a hobby.  For children, this was an opportunity to set them down the path of doing what they love for a living.  If a "youngling" wins, think about what this achievement will do for their self-esteem.  They will become a reputable artist at an early age and live on that forever.  The 2017 & 2018 tours were prosperous with new ideas, friendships, and empowerment through art.

The Creator

 Lucas Dooley is a native Texan. He grew up in north Texas and found himself in San Antonio in 2010.  The move came after realizing that working a job just to make a living won't truly make you happy. Upon his arrival in south Texas, he decided to get back to creating artwork and pursuing his desire to be an artist.  Star Wars has been a part of his life ever since a snow day canceled school in 1995. "It's all your fault dad..." 

Lucas had been finalizing the presentation of Lone Star Wars, collecting materials, and building the idea for over seven years. When Episode 7 came out and Rouge One was set to be released, he realized that it was time to make the show public or his window of opportunity to get this in front of the people who would love it most would soon be closed.  Call it God, divine inspiration, or the force… life laid itself out for Lone Star Wars to finally happen. 

"I am a contract artist, was an art instructor for Painting With A Twist, prop maker, and a scenic artist.  Art is my life, money is not.  Seeing people empowered through their creativity is what pushes me to do what I do.  I want everyone across Texas to enjoy this and the plan to have the contest run for two years. After that, who knows where Lone Star Wars is headed?" -2017

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