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1st place: Tab Lloyd, Texas Trooper - 427

2nd place: Robert Bevan, Rebel Stampede - 382


3rd place: Pete Rivera, Texas Jediways - 115

4th place: Yesenia Malagon, String Wars - 98

Texas Trooper
Texas Trooper
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 Texas Trooper

Artist: Tab Lloyd

Dimensions: 36" X 24" X 1" 

Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas

Description: Imagine enjoying the sunset on the bantha ranch-- just you and your dewback, alone at last after a long day of herding those hairy beasts! Just as a good Texas cowboy would, you water your dewback and get ready for the long night ahead. If you're lucky, those little grey clouds won't turn into a thunderstorm. Perhaps you'll get some shuteye before the sun meets you again in the morning.

Why Tab loves Texas and Star Wars!

 Well, I was born and raised in Texas and found Star Wars as soon as I could! Now that I'm a grown-up, I have written a book on Texas (Free Texas: Free Things to See and Do in the Lone Star State), I teach Texas History to 7th graders (and US history to 8th graders) and I have been the school sponsor for the Star Wars Club that has morphed into the Geek Club (they wanted to be more inclusive-- but trust me, Star Wars is STILL the King when it comes to the often discussed subjects). Star Wars ties folks together, and Texas is a place that brings folks together. It's like one big, happy family. Until the fighting breaks out.

Texas Jediways
Texas Jediways
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Texas Jediways

Artist: Pete Rivera

Dimensions:14" X 15" X 1"

Medium: Bottle Caps

Description: I10 runs from Houston to San Antonio to El Paso and 35 runs from Laredo to San Antonio to Austin to Dallas/Fort Worth. These two main highways connect all these major cites and both run through my hometown of San Antonio. I see them everyday and when I see either, I feel home.

Why Pete loves Texas and Star Wars!

I was born and raised in San Antonio and have never lived anywhere else. The thing I love most about Texas is there's so much to do and see. There's road trips through the hill country and nightlife in the city. There's rope swings into rivers and more barbecue than you can imagine. Thunderstorms are one of a kind and there's no weather like Texas weather. I've grown to love this place and so will my family for years to come.

    The idea of the myth that Star Wars brings to life is my favorite. A myth is a very powerful thing.

Rebel Stampede 2017
Rebel Stampede 2017
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Rebel Stampede

Artist: Robert D. Bevan

Dimensions: 11” X 14” 

Medium: Prismacolor colored pencils

Description: Putting rodeo together with Star Wars inspired the piece. What would be better than Darth Vader riding

a bucking AT-AT over the planet Hoth trying to destroy the shield generators? Meanwhile, the Texas

shaped Deathstar looms over Hoth ready to destroy the planet if the Emperial forces fail in an attempt

to wipe out the Rebel Alliance once and for all.

Why Robert loves Texas and Star Wars!

 I love Star Wars because ever since I was a child I remember seeing Darth Vader. To me there was

nothing cooler than a dark figure with no clear defining facial features making sure that the Galaxy was

free of the rebellion. (Yes I am a true fan of the Galactic Empire). As I grew up and I had children of my

own and now share my love of Star Wars with them which makes my love of Star Wars even more special

because I get to share it with the people I hold most dear to me. I am also stationed in Texas with the U.S.


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Artist: John Dooley

Dimensions: 22" X 10" X 18"

Weight- 14.25 lbs. 

Medium: Plywood, 2 x 4, sunglasses. Leftover paint, various nails and screws. Magic markers. 

Description: Combination armadillo and at-at. Pictures provide a 360 degree view and even one of the Armat-at on it's back (as found on the side of the road in Texas)! 

Why John loves Texas and Star Wars!

It's obvious, 100% Texas from birth. There is no other place like it.  I have been a Star Wars fan since the first one back in 1977. I've felt the force ever since then.

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Artist: Brad Stanford

Dimensions: 35" X 25" X 1" 

Medium: Up cycled Cedar fence boards and LED light strip

Description: I created this art piece a month or so ago to show my love of my favorite Star Wars character and the love of my great state. Han Solo was always one of my favorites because of his attitude and pure badassery. My hometown of Rockport, TX was recently devasted by Hurricane Harvey, this art piece was in my house that was damaged from that storm. After seeing the love and support my town received after the storm from other parts of our great state, My love and pride for Texas has been stronger than ever. It's not much, but I'd like to dedicate this piece I built out of upcycled fence boards to the ones who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.  My town of Rockport and surrounding areas will be rebuilt and better than ever thanks to Texans from all over. Texas Strong.

Why Brad loves Texas and Star Wars! 

Star wars was always one of my favorite movie trilogies. I still have my old starwars toys in a closet at my house. Texas is my home, and I've always been proud of my home state and my home town. After the eye of Hurricane Harvey made landfall on my town as a Category 4 storm and devastated it. I've seen nothing but love and support as folks from all over Texas came down to volunteer and donate their time and money to help us rebuild. Since then my love for Texas has grown immensely. My town was not the only area affected, many many others were affected by that storm. We are strong. Texas Strong

String Wars
String Wars
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String Wars

Artist: Yesenia Malagon

Dimensions: 24" X24" X1"

Medium: Circular wood, thin thread, acrylic paint, and small nails.

Description: With the obvious, Star Wars has  a large following by its fans so my piece was suited to be relatively a big size to display all the aspects of it. I blended both the good guys and the bad guys such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. I wanted to ensure separation was clear by optimizing the cool colors such as green, yellow, and orange to embody the goodness of good guys. The dark colors such as the red maroon and brown are to show the evilness of the empire. As told in Star Wars, we find that Skywalker and Vader are father and son. So to generalize this idea, I morphed the silhouettes all together to epitomize that even though good or bad, they are always linked together in some form. 


Why Yesenia loves Texas and Star Wars!

I admire Star Wars with its intricate ways of story telling and wonderful characters. I adore Texas down to my core! I am a Texan born and raised right here in Central Texas. Fusing both Star Wars and Texas is a great outlet for all artists native to this state to create something together. 

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